G-Drive Thunderbolt 3 TB dead..what options availables?


Hi Everyone…

I bought a G-Drive Thunderbolt 3 TB in June 2014 who until yesterday worked like a charm…the Disk just suddenly stopped working yesterday night…no more power, impossible to turn it on…dead like in a symbolic way…
By chance, i have a friend who is electronic technician who did a complete check of the Disk for me…his conclusions are that the disk is ok but the thunderbolt box (electronic & electric ) that support the hard disk is dead…

So that lead to my question & options available in that situation…is it possible to change or buy a thundebolt box for my G-Drive?..or is there other options available to repair it?..

Thanks by advance for your help and advices…




Make sure the drive is attached to a computer when you are trying to turn it on. This device requires an active data connection to a computer in order to power on.

If that is still not powering then it would need to be replaced. You can create an RMA for a replacement drive on our site here: RMA


Hello Rydia…

Thank you for the quick answer…the disk is unfortunately not starting even with the thunderbolt cable plugged in the Mac…we tried all options before i wrote my message…
So i have put the serial number but the website answer that my product is no more covered by waranty…ok so what to do now?..

Thanks by adavnce for your help & advices…



Call in to our support so we can verify the S/N and check your options. 888.426.5214


Hello again Rydia…
This is a US number…do you have an European or French one for support?..
thanks by advance, regards,



French number: 33-1-4993-9226