G-SPEED SHUTTLE XL Wont Power up. No Solution provided by G-Tech

I have a laptop with USB-C port. The G-SPEED SHUTTLE XL has a Thunderbolt-2 Cable.

So I’m using an “Apple Thunderbolt 3-To-Thunderbolt 2 Adapter” which was previously recommended by G-Tech support team.

The issue is: the drive wont power up.

Every time the computer is restarted or goes to sleep, I have to remove all the connections, and start over again.

The connections are tight, no loose cables, yet the it wont work.

I saw the explanations given on G-TECH site about thunderbolt ports.

But I need a solution. If nothing works, I have to sell this drive. It is that annoying.

Please help.

Update: Talked to Support. They dont have any answer to connect to USB 3.1 or USB-C based computers. Frustrating

Found a solution yet?

I’m in the same situation. Just bought a G-Speed Studio XL and looking for the best way to connect from Thunderbolt 2 to either the ethernet port or the UBB 3.1 port on the laptop.