G-RAID Thunder 2 -Format? Mount? Gone?

Had G-RAID Thunderbolt 2 (must be 2 4TB drives) mounted on an iMac Retina 5K (late 2015) and was running in High Sierra. Upgraded to Big Sur. Time Machine Stopped functioning.
Disk would no longer load with a TB cable, but will load on USB3. Shows as 18 TB drive

I tried finding and downloading the so called assistants: G-RAID and G-Tech. Latter wouldn’t launch at all. Former didn’t see disk. Disk utility only sees one disk. I downloaded softRAID but it only sees one disk.

I just took the drive and tried to hook it up TB2 to a MacPro 2015.

Is this thing just dead? I am out of ideas, and I think I have read most of the prior posts. Assistance would be greatly appreciated. I need to format as a RAID1, and mount it. If I have to mount it as a RAID 0, I’d still like to be able to use Thunderbolt. Thanks again.

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Did you ever figure this out. I have a similar problem?
New 6tb drives in a 4tb TB enclosure, doesn’t show up or mount. I’m on On Mojave.

if any items are missing , please contact G-Technology at 2 It is safe to remove the drive from your system when the drive icons is no Nom Nom Dog Food Delivery You can use any of the two Thunderbolt 2 ports in your G-RAID Studio with the mounted disk image.