G-Raid With Thunderbolt Upgrade (Model no # GRATHNB80002BAB)

I have an 8TB G-Raid With Thunderbolt model # GRATHNB80002BAB.

I worked with a high profile client who stipulated the drives be removed and delivered with the show.

I now have an empty, 2x drive enclosure

Can I put 2x 10TB drives in, and format to RAID 0, or is there a capacity max?

Do they need to be Hitachi drives? (assuming that’s what was inside?)


You can technically put any drive in, we haven’t tested with any drive other than HGST drives but a drive is a drive so it should work we just won’t have any support. There should be no capacity limitations.

The RAID is created by Disk Utility on a Mac so it is a software RAID and you can set it up any way you wish.

Ok, appreciate the quick reply. I’ll give it a whirl !


If a single 4tb drive fails can it be replaced? Where can more discussions on this model be found?

Please advise?