G-RAID TB3 Randomly Disconnecting


My G-Raid has been disconnecting randomly from my computer. It is currently formatted in RAID 1. I’ve tried using both the thunderbolt 3 cable and the USB 3 cable but the issue still occurs. The drive is low on space but I don’t think this should cause it to disconnect.

Any idea why this may be happening? Any advice is appreciated!

Thank you.

I’ve been having the same problem.
It started when my MacBook Pro would eject my Thunderbolt 3 RAID when sleeping.

I disabled “Put Hard Disks to Sleep When Possible” in the Energy Saver prefs.
No luck.

Recently, my Mac has started ejecting the drive when it’s fully awake.
AND it’s often taking multiple attempts to remount the thing.

This is VERY disconcerting!
I NEED to SOLVE this!

To top that off, in the past I had 2 separate instances of FAILED hard drives in my TB3.

After this, I’m REALLY regretting buying a G-Tech drive. NEVER again!

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Your power supply might be near failure, mine did the same behavior before it gave out. I would back up ASAP

I’ve contacted ARECA support. He had me connect to the RAID through its ethernet port to monitor it after the TB3 connection goes bad. When TB3 disconnects the ethernet connection is still good and system shows no issues. His conclusion is the RAID unit is fine and the problem lies somewhere else.