G-RAID TB3 constantly disconnects

G-RAID TB3 constantly disconnects. I’m using G-RAID Thunderbolt ports to daisy chain to a Mac mini running macOS High Sierra and 27” Apple Thunderbolt Display. It will run fine then I’ll come back and the G-RAID will be disconnected and requires a power cycle of the G-RAID, pulling the TB3 cable or a reboot of computer to recover so it will show up in finder again.

Anyone? I am getting daily disconnects and only way to recover and have High Sierra re-recognize the drives is to turn off and back on. This cannot be good for drive or data long term?

Is there any kind of firmware update or something that might need to be applied?

There are no firmware updates available for the device. Have you attached it via the USB cable to see if it does the same thing?

No, and will try that. However, the point of buying the more expensive TB3 version was so I can use TB3.

The performance is the same over TB3 and USB3. TB3 only adds in the ability to Daisy Chain.

Sooooooo any fix on this matter? I had the GRAID and it kept disconnecting on my 2019 macbook pro 16" and it was very frustrating

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I have the same issue, has anyone found a solution?

@Rydia Please save us!

Three years later…

I’ve been having the same problem.
It started when my MacBook Pro would eject my Thunderbolt 3 RAID when sleeping.

I disabled “Put Hard Disks to Sleep When Possible” in the Energy Saver prefs.
No luck.

Recently, my Mac has started ejecting the drive when it’s fully awake.
AND it’s often taking multiple attempts to remount the thing.

This is VERY disconcerting!
I NEED to SOLVE this!

To top that off, in the past I had 2 separate instances of FAILED hard drives in my TB3.

After this, I’m REALLY regretting buying a G-Tech drive. NEVER again!

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