10tb G-Drive randomly disconnects on 2020 iMac

10tb G-Drive worked perfectly on my 2015 iMac, then when I upgraded to a new 2020 iMac it randomly disconnects. All the time. This has rendered it useless as a backup drive.

I’m using the Thunderbolt cable that came with it. Tried everything I know and it’s still happening.

Any solution will be much appreciated.

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same issue here!! am considering just returning it.

Their tech support told me to try formatting the drive. I have a Lacie drive coming and I’ll copy everything on the G-Tech over to the Lacie and try formatting to see if that helps. If not, it totally ■■■■■.

Same drive, same Mac, same problem…

I’m trying the spindown set to zero feature now. If it works, I’ll advise.

“sudo pmset -c spindown 0”

If not, drive goes back. Reformatting is a tech support ‘hail mary’. Nope.