G-drive crashes with new 2020 iMAC

I am using two of the 10 TB G-drive. I changed my MAC to 2020 iMAC several days ago. Since they, G-drive crashes unexpectedly. I tried: (1) turn on only one of the 10 TB G-drives, (2) restarted iMAC, and (3) restarted G-drive. Still, G-drive crashes. Are there any known problems? My older G-drive crashed before, and the problem was its cable then. I purchased these two 10 TB G-drive this spring, and I did not have any problems with my older MAC laptop or iMAC.

Having exactly the same problem. 10tb G-Drive worked perfectly on my 2015 iMac, then when I upgraded to a new 2020 iMac it randomly disconnects. All the time. This has rendered it useless as a backup drive.

I’m using the Thunderbolt cable that came with it. Tried everything I know and it’s still happening.

Any solution will be much appreciated.

Sam: As you described, the problem was not crash, but “disconnect.” It worked without this problem when I connected the G-drive to USB C port. But I have some other units to connect to the C ports.

I requested Apple’s phone support to solve the USB port problem. Apple’s support person recorded the system log from my 2020 iMAC and sent it to their engineering department. They found that the USB port of the new iMAC did not register G-Drive as a USB device. They told me to return or replace the iMAC because it is defective. I returned it. In the meantime, I am using my two units of 10-TB G-drive on my 2015 Macbook pro. It is slower than iMAC and makes annoying fan noises so often, but it is working fine. I will wait to order another MAC for now because the time to deal with a new MAC eats up so much time.

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I have found if I uncheck the box that says “put hard disks to sleep when possible” in System Preferences it stays connected. My G-tech 10tb is connected directly to the back of my iMac, not to a hub or daisy chained. G-tech suggested reformatting it but it’s a backup disk and I don’t have another large enough disk to copy the data to so I can reformat. So I’m sort of stuck at the moment, but at least it’s not disconnecting like it was.

Thanks much for your update. I will pursue this further.

Sam: The iMac I ended up with returning was set not to “put hard disks to sleep when possible.” So, it seems that mine was defective anyway. I am happy to know that your iMac is working well with G-tech now.

Thanks, and yes its working as long as the checkbox in system preferences is unchecked. So that’s more than a workaround than a proper fix. I’ll hold tight and see where this goes. Cheers!