G-Drive Repeated Disk Not Ejected Properly on imac Message

Desperately looking for a solution to this problem. I just purchased a new imac and my G-Drive is not working well with this new computer. I get “disk not ejected properly” messages every minute or so. I have tried changing energy saver modes as suggested. I have also tried running mac disk utility and it failed.

This disk has all of my time machine backups so I would really like to get it up and running with this new imac

macOS High Sierra - 10.13.6
G-Drive with thunderbolt purchased in 2017
using USB 3.0 cable

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I have this same problem with a brand new MacBook Pro. I’m unable to use these external hard drives to complete my backups, when they worked perfectly with my old Mac. Help!

Make sure you are using the proper power adapter. If it is a G-DRIVE with Thunderbolt then it should be a 12v 2a adapter. Make sure you are using the correct one or it could be causing the disconnection due to lack of power.

If you are using the correct one and have also tried another cable and it continues then it would be a hardware related issue and the drive will need to be replaced.

You can create an RMA to get a replacement drive on our site here: RMA Creation

I just created an RMA. I tried your suggestions and it’s still not working. I suspect the drive became corrupted at some point or is just failing. It’s not quite a year old. Hopefully the new drive works. Thank you for your help.