Hard Drive Keeps Disconnecting


Hi there, I have a G- Technology 2 TB G- Drive mobile USB 3.1 Gen 1 External hard drive. I bought it last year. I have had nothing but trouble with it. It is constantly disconnecting from my Mac. It is plugged in with the USB cable, but the Mac thinks it keeps disconnecting. This makes it almost impossible to work with. I try to upload files and videos, and the constant disconnecting makes this very difficult. I have called the company and requested a replacement USB cable, and this hasn’t made any difference. The problem isn’t my Mac, because I have another hard drive I use with it and I have no problems at all.


The drive itself would need to be replaced. The disconnection is likely due to an issue with the interface board on the unit. You can generate an RMA for a replacement drive on our website here: RMA Creation


Okay thank you very much. I will return it for a replacement using that link. One question: should I send the usb cables with the drive when I send it back? Thank you.


You will get a replacement USB cable as part of the replacement accessories kit regardless. Won’t be necessary to include it.