G Raid Studio enclosure failure


I have an 8TB G Technology G-Raid Studio whose enclosure has failed (Chassis Part# 0G03383). The enclosure’s power light illuminates but the enclosure fails to recognize the drives and the enclosure’s fan will not operate. The two installed 4TB drives were setup as a Raid 1 pair. This device is out of warranty.

What are my options to extract the data from one of the drives in either a Windows or Apple OSX environment?

Thank you.

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You would need to get a hold of another enclosure that matches that part # to place the drives in so it can be read. Any G-RAID Studio will support it.

Hi Rydia,

Will the G-Technology G-Raid 2 Bay thunderbolt 2 array (Mfg# 0G04097) work?

Thank you for responding so quickly.

No, that is the G-RAID removable series. You need the G-RAID Studio series. The Studio units were black and vertical, the removable series are silver and horizontal. They use the same drive trays but different RAID controllers so if you were to place your drives in that enclosure it would ask you to erase them.

Ok, understand. I’ve ordered a new 16GB (0G04097) to replace the Studio. Is there a way to extract data from either Studio drive using a hard drive SATA docking station? I have a NAS I can export the extracted data to then reimport to the new Q-Tech 16GB.

If the drives in the original were set as RAID1 they might be usable outside the original RAID configuration(RAID Studio) but its doubtful.

Hi Rydia,

I ordered and received a new leftover Studio from G-Tech and installed the old drives. The drives came right back and I’m now transferring my data to the new 16Gb G-Tech Raid external array. I will use the new Studio box for redundant backups.

I did try to read the old Studio drives in a SATA docking device without success. Had I a Linux PC I probably could have extracted my data - assuming G-Tech/Studio is not using proprietary RAID firmware.

I hope WD has normalized the G-Tech branded RAID firmware.

Thank You.

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Did the new Studio enclosure boot your drives? I have a G-Raid Studio 8TB Thunderbolt 2 0G03366 at RAID 0. Pretty sure just the enclosure power is failing. The power adapter is testing fine, plus tried others. Cant find another 0G03366 anywhere. Do other studio enclosures work? Any other enclosures besides graid studio work?

good afternoon.

I have an 8 GB g-raid studio. who stopped starting.
it is a problem on the board and needed to buy only the box in second hand.
from what I read had a similar problem.
does he still use his g-ride? do you want to sell me only the box to recover my data? the brand no longer has this product available. thank you.
I m from portugal.
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Did you need to do anything special to get it to work? I’ve been trying this exact thing with my failed enclosure - swapped the drives into a new enclosure of the exact same model… the drives show up in my disk utility but will not show as recognizable or boot up… says "Uninitialized”

did anybody get this to work? do you have to have the EXACT same enclosure?