G-RAID GEN4 4TB Not Powering up / Blinking white light


Hello there.
My G-RAID GEN4 4TB is not powering up. When i try to power it up the white light blinks. It is set up as a Raid 1 Mirror. I desperately need what’s on this drive. What should I do? Can I remove the physical drives from the enclosure and mount one up in a separate enclosure and then copy it to a new raid enclosure or is this a situation where the physical drive will not boot without the enclosure??

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If the light on the front of the unit is blinking only when powered up then it could be related to the adapter. Double check and make sure the light on the adapter isn’t also blinking. If it is then it is definitely an adapter that has gone bad and needs to be replaced. Also check to make sure you are using the proper adapter and that is is outputting 12v and 4amps.

The drive can be removed from the enclosure but it is 2 drives inside there. In order to get access to the data you would need to put it into another G-RAID GEN4 enclosure. You would only need to attempt that after you have ruled out the AC adapter as the issue.


thank you. so let me get this straight - as a mirrored raid which should be two identical drives, i cannot remove them both and mount one of them in a different enclosure and retrieve what is on it??? i’m confused. what is the point of mirroring then if i can’t do that?


Sorry as a mirror it is capable of that but the G-RAID GEN4 wasn’t user changable by our support. It was sold as a RAID0 only device, not RAID1. If you were able to convert the RAID at some point on your own then it could work that way outside of the enclosure.


thank you. ok… so the white led on the enclosure blinks when i hold the power button. it does this in synch with the led on the actual adapter. does this mean my adapter is dead for sure? and if so how can i get another one? is there a generic one i can buy somewhere or should i order from you guys? thank you


That is an adapter failure. We don’t have them for purchase but you can get them here: G-RAID AC Adapter


I’ve got the same issue: G-Raid Gen4 2TB, won’t power up. The light just blinks. I’ve removed both drives and verified that they both spin up, but are unreadable. I have a “G-RAID2 1000 GB” that I’m not currently using. Can I swap the drives to this enclosure? Will the 2 1TB drives be readable there? It’s power supply is not interchangeable, or I’d try that.


No, the drives will not work in another generation enclosure. They would require being placed in another enclosure of the same Gen.


Hi there,
I have a similar problem.

My G-RAID 2TB is not powering up and blinking with white light. The power adapter is also blinking. I checked the power adapter with another G raid 8tb drive and is working. Does that mean the drive is gone or the enclosure?


The power adapter light should not be blinking.

Does the power adapter blink only when attached to the drive or even when not attached to the drive?

If it is only when attached then the enclosure is the issue. If it blinks while not attached to the drive then the power adapter is the issue.


Hi Rydia,
Well, it blinks when connected to the enclosure.
I was advised by G tech team to open it and try to put the hdd into my other 8tb G-raid and the same thing happens inside the other enclosure. I also swapped the hdds and it seems that both enclosures work with the 8tb hdds but not the 2tb? Any ideas?



If it blinks when plugged in as I said it is an enclosure issue. However your 8TB and 2TB units are very likely to be different generations. They are not cross compatible. Your 2TB is likely a GEN 2 or 3 G-RAID where your 8TB is either 4 thru 7.

They only can be swapped between identical generations or else there will be no recognition.


Hi I meant to say 4tb not 8tb. It is also firewire 800


Still same answer, the bottom of the drive will mention the generation in its name. You can also call in to support directly and provide serial #s