Enclosure Won't Power Up. What Now?

My enclosure for a Gen7 4TB G-RAID will not power up. I’m getting 12v from the power brick but the enclosure will not spin up the hard drives.

I was told on chat support that there is no replacement enclosure I can buy.

What am I supposed to do with these drives now? The entire point of RAID is to protect the data if a drive fails but it seems that if the enclosure fails you’re just SOL?

I was really thinking I could just buy a new enclosure, pop those drives in, and be back in action. I’m baffled as to how that doesn’t seem to be a solution. How can this be? I must be the millionth person that this has happened to.


Probably best not to take their scripted response so literally.

They would have meant they do not supply G-RAID replacement enclosures … and of course they are not gonna recommend a 3rd Party Enclosure Brand for you to buy.

The Internal 7200RPM Ultrastar Hard Drive is a standard 3.5" SATA … it will work in any 3rd Party Enclosure.

Of course, you’ll have to research yourself which enclosure to buy and what features it supports.

Buy new enclosure on Amazon, take drives put in that enclosure and then stick your old enclosure in box new one came in and return it. F’ck Western Digital and F’ck G-Technology.