G-Raid Gen4 2TB won't power up


G-Raid Gen4 2TB, won’t power up. The light just blinks. I’ve removed both drives and verified that they both spin up, but are unreadable. I assume the problem is the controller board. I have a “G-RAID2 1000 GB” that I’m not currently using. Can I swap the drives to this enclosure? Will the 2 1TB drives be readable there? Is it possible to buy a replacement controller or entire enclosure?
I see another thread saying it’s probably the power supply, but the power supply from the other RAID is not interchangeable. Otherwise, I’d try that.


As answered in the other thread the generations can’t be mixed. The RAID will not be able to read the drives. You would need to find another G-RAID Gen4 to swap the drives into.