G-RAID 8TB TB3 not being recognised by the configurator

The g-technology gRaid with TB configurator (latest version) will not recognise my drive.
Tried to set up with Soft Raid (I hadn’t realised that Was )S X 10.13.2 had its own RAID now) and then deinstalled this and reformatted with disk utility.
Now configurator will not see the drive for me to set up as RAID 1 (which was my intention).
I believe I need to configure the drive with the G-technology configurator first and then erase with disk utility so I have RAID 1.
How can I get the configurator to see the drive. Should there be a file or files on the disk I have erased?

The software you need is this one: G-RAID Removable w/ Thunderbolt Utility

Once it loads, it might take a few seconds to recognize the drive. You can then change it to RAID1.

Once that has completed you will need to initialize the drive in Disk Utility. Erase the drive and it will then mount and be usable.

Thanks Rydia. Worked this time after a minute or two delay.
Don’t know why it wouldn’t work yesterday.
Thank you

Hi Rydia,

Just connected G-Tech 8TB RAID Thunderbolt 3 to my Mac mini 2018 (Catalina OS 10.15.1) via Thunderbolt 3 and it mounts fine. However, I want to configure it for RAID 1. I downloaded G-RAID with Thunderbolt Configurator, but the software shows a red X and says “No devices found” even though I see “G-RAID Thunderbolt 3” mounted on my desktop. The drive does not have USB, and when I try a USB cable from Mac to Thunderbolt port on drive, the Mac says that accessory can’t be used that way and to use a Thunderbolt cable. So once again I connect the G-Tech Thunderbolt to Thunderbolt cable. What should I do? Thanks. -Jon