Configurator won't recognise G-Raid 12TB

I have my G-Raid 12TB connected to an iMac via Thunderbolt 2 port connected to Thunderbolt 3 port using an adaptor.

The disk is mounted, however I cannot get the g-raid configurator to recognise my drive to reformat it. I forget how it is set up now…

The ‘Get info’ panel shows the G-Raid as 6TB, not 12TB. Disk Utility says ‘SATA External Physical Disk • GUID Partition Map’.

I want to set up as raid, to have dual backup.

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I have the exact same problem with the G-Raid 20TB model. I connected to a new iMac via thunderbolt 3 and the disk is mounted and functioning properly in RAID 0 configuration and I want to reconfigure to RAID 1 but the configurator does not find my device. It simple says no devices found. I initially set up my G-Raid as the backup disk for time machine on the Mac and have not erased it yet (it is working fine for that and I can see the disk in the finder) but I would not think that would impact the ability of the software to at least find the hard drive. Can someone help? Thank you.


Problem has got even worse. Now I can’t even open the configurator, it won’t accept my administrator password, all of a sudden.

Why is this program so ■■■■ buggy???

I am running into the same behavior with a brand new G-Raid 12TB model. MacOS Disk Utility recognizes the drive, Time Machine auto-recognizes it for 0Raid backup. I want to run a RAID1 mirror. I downloaded the available Configurator .zip file. Configurator DOES NOT appear to recognize anything. 2020-06-20_12-32-18|491x315

Sending mine back. No point paying over $1500 for (6TB) half of my storage capacity… Tech support is useless, I have discovered.

@PUG - I was able to figure it out. I’ve got the G|RAID 12TB w TBolt3 model running on a new MBPro 16" with OSX v10.15.5 Catalina


  • I found a copy of the old G|RAID Thunderbolt Use Manual. Refer to it. I followed the steps as outlined. Attached.
  • Grab the G-Technology Assistant app and install it.
  • Make sure to disconnect any other Thunderbolt devices for the initial G|RAID setup
  • Be sure to initialize the new RAID1 configuration via Disk Utility (can be accessed directly or via the G-Technology Assistant app
  • Here’s a support contact ~
    I hope this helps! -j-

G-RAID_TB_USB_removable_UserManual_0516_LR.pdf (3.41 MB)

PS: to get the CONFIGURATOR to execute correctly, I followed these steps:

  • installed the G-Tech Assistant app
  • disconnected all other Thunderbolt devices but the G | RAID drive
  • restarted the computer
  • executed CONFIGURATOR as a first action upon logging in. It immediately recognized the drive as shown in documentation.
  • I set the RAID1 config as shown in the user manual
  • then had to initialize the drive via Disk Utility config

Thanks for your help. Glad it worked for you. But I’m still getting the same.
after doing what you suggested, when I download the configurator now, the BLUE icon has disappeared and I get an old appleworks file icon… So it seems this configurator is so old, that it could do with an update to current versions.

Sorry to hear that. There may be something about how the Thunderbolt connection is handled that requires some different thinking - which I’m not clear on. For some reason the drive spontaneously unmounted before the first backup run was completed. I had reconnected another Tbolt device while the backup was in progress. IDK if that was the cause but when I disconnected that device and rebooted the system with just the drive connected it immediately remounted and completed the backup sequence. I posted a tech support request to try to clarify what’s going on. -j-

But, I’ve had no issues of note regarding the G-Tech applications, once I figured out the sequence that allowed me to set the RAID1 configuration.

Better documentation is absolutely required. Like you, I’ve got much better ways to waste time than divining secret handshakes.