Configurator won't recognise G-Raid 12TB

I have my G-Raid 12TB connected to an iMac via Thunderbolt 2 port connected to Thunderbolt 3 port using an adaptor.

The disk is mounted, however I cannot get the g-raid configurator to recognise my drive to reformat it. I forget how it is set up now…

The ‘Get info’ panel shows the G-Raid as 6TB, not 12TB. Disk Utility says ‘SATA External Physical Disk • GUID Partition Map’.

I want to set up as raid, to have dual backup.

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I have the exact same problem with the G-Raid 20TB model. I connected to a new iMac via thunderbolt 3 and the disk is mounted and functioning properly in RAID 0 configuration and I want to reconfigure to RAID 1 but the configurator does not find my device. It simple says no devices found. I initially set up my G-Raid as the backup disk for time machine on the Mac and have not erased it yet (it is working fine for that and I can see the disk in the finder) but I would not think that would impact the ability of the software to at least find the hard drive. Can someone help? Thank you.

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Problem has got even worse. Now I can’t even open the configurator, it won’t accept my administrator password, all of a sudden.

Why is this program so ■■■■ buggy???