G-RAID (4TB Thunderbolt) Formatting error


Hey dear community,

I somehow managed to do this:

As you can see, I managed to split the RAID in two , and it’s not being recognized by

any G-RAID software I could find so far. Please help me to make them a healthy RAID 0 again,

Thank you!


OK. I have managed to rebuild it in Sierra Disk Utility to an NTFS-RAID 0,

But for some reason it doesnt mount on my PC at all, it finds the two HDDs, but won’t mount them or allocate them a letter (C:, D: etc.)

The RAID however, does mount on my MAC.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Thanks again


It is a MAC RAID, meaning only works on MAC. You cannot use a software RAID device on both platforms. One or the other in this situation.


Hey Rydia, thanks for you answer,

I never said I want to use it on both platforms, I’d just like to be able to mount it on Windows.



That is the same thing.

Creating it on Mac to then mount on Windows means using it on both platforms. Mac and Windows.

Your best option you can try is to install something like MacDrive or Paragon HFS+ on your Windows machine but there are no guarantees it will work. They have demo editions you can try for a few days.


Rydia, the Raid array is not being recognized in Windows.
It is NTFS formatted so HFS+ has nothing to do with it.


---- Rydia wrote ----


You mentioned that you created a RAID array in Sierra, meaning it is a MAC RAID, it will only show up on a Mac due to this.


Hey Rydia, thanks for coming back to me again.
Okay, lets ignore the fact that it has been created in osx for now; despite the fact that it’s an NTFS-RAID, and not a HFS+ raid.

1.) where do I find software for windows for this specific RAID to reformat it to work on Windows?

2.) Windows finds the two harddrives of the RAID in device manager, but won’t mount them or assign them a letter. Why?


---- Rydia wrote ----


You would create the RAID entirely in Windows using Disk Management.

Or you could use a 3rd party software like SoftRAID, that might allow you to use it on both sides as long as you have softRAID installed on both systems.


Does WD / G-RAID

have a walkthrough for the Windows Disk Management workflow?

I have tried everything.