GRaid thunderbolt on Windows

I have a Mac Formatted GRaid with thunderbolt.
I think it is thunderbolt 2. Is this right?
I have it connected to a Windows 10 system with thunderbolt 3.
I have installed the drivers and can see the partitions but I can’t get it to mount.
I have installed Mac Drive to get around the HFS issue, but it is not recognizing the drive.

Should this be able to work or is there an incompatibility that I cannot get around?


Actually, it looks like my drive is thunderbolt 1…

It is a TB1 device. However, since it is a software RAID even Mac Drive cannot read that on a Windows system. It can read a normal Mac format but not a Mac RAID. That is MAC OS required only.

Due to this being a software RAID device it isn’t possible to use on both platforms unless you use a 3rd party software RAID solution such as SoftRAID and install it on both platforms.