Formatting software raid from mac to windows

Hello there.
Am possibly not the only one to experience this but having been gifted a G-Raid for mac, i have been trying to find ways of formatting it so that am able to use it on a windows platform.
The Thunderbolt software on windows is able to detect a device plugged into the port but it doesn’t show up. Is there a software i can use so that i can reset it to work on windows.

Hi @The.Nilotic.1,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

I have the same problem

Ask if you can return it.
The software they had no longer works. Or you need to spend $50-100 on some aftermarket software to do it. Do not waste your time with WD support. They have nothing working and will suggest you to find old Mac with 2018 macOS.
That is where their program works and you can actually do amazing things with Configurator.
RAID 1 is not available period, you can use RAID 0 only.
If you are up to headache and want to make it work as RAID 0 get some $30 Amazon enclosures and format the drive there.