G-RAID - 2TB GR42000 - Drives not spinning? Suggestions?

I noticed that my drive wasn’t powered up, so I pushed the power button but the light only flashes a couple times and doesn’t turn on.

After taking this apart, I noticed a ‘burnt’ smell - thinking it might be the controller, I took the drives out. There is a dark spot near the SATA connection on the one drive. I then connected them individually to my desktop through an enclosure. Neither drive will fully spin up - they power up but neither seems to spin up and get recognized by my PC. The same with both of them!

Any tips to get either to spin? I’d like to double check the data on the drives and hopefully move it off - or, decide if I need to use a data recovery service to recover this.

I’d greatly appreciate any advice in working with these and accessing any data. So much for the RAID system to protect any data!

Can you attach a photo of the defect?

Here are two images - the one drive has some black on the left couple pins, it seems, and there is a burn mark on the tray. Not sure if these are related to the issue.

I inserted/connected 2 similar sized (2TB) WD Black drives - just to see if they work but it still wouldn’t power up. When you hit the power button there is just one brief flash of the light on the front. Tried another power cord as well (for my other G RAID drive). This is plugged into a surge protector and into an APC BackUPS system (although, I tested it direct to the wall too).

So, the G-RAID enclosure/controller seems to be toast and both drives do not spin up. Using a RAID system isn’t too useful if the entire drive (drives, controller) all quit working!

Nothing had changed with these drives - they just sit idle on the back of my desk.