G Drive Stopped Connecting to Windows Asus Zenbook

Hi all,

My school provided me with a 6 TB G-Drive with Thunderbolt 3 to hold media for homework involving various video projects. Originally, it was set up to only run on Mac, but we reformatted it to work on Windows. I’ve been able to use it with my Asus Zenbook for two years, up until a couple days ago. When I plug it in, the drive starts humming, but it doesn’t show up in my folders. When I use the thunderbolt ports, the drive doesn’t hum, but my laptop recognizes that a drive is plugged in and warns me that it might not be able to support USB-C. I’ve tried rebooting everything (including resetting everything on my laptop), but nothing has helped so far. I tested all my USB ports and they work (they’ll see other drives) and my roommate’s laptop was able to see my drive. What else could I try to get it to work on my laptop?