Full Factory Restore Problem

Hi. Bought the MyCloud 3TB a few days back. Ever since have been strugling with it :frowning: :frowning:

On top of that when I updated the new firm ware, eversince I have not been able to open the site wdmycloud.com. Yesterday finally decided to do a full factory restore. It’s been almost 30 hours now since the thing has been showing the wheel revolving with a message “FULL FACTORY RESTORE under progress”. The change to quick button is not operational and there is nothing I can do to change this state except to reset my computer or shut it down.

Any one out there who could help me sort this out??? Thank you.

Please excuse my lousy English, but maybe I can still help:
I think that there are two different problems:
1 The length of time for a complete deferral to the factory condition will depend on how much data is on the MyCloud it, because they are completely destroyed in this case - needs what time. Perhaps the entire data part is yes reformatted. From the information of WD can not be found so exactly is the.
2 The websites of WD are already a few days can not be reached, neither the wdmycloud.com nor the www.wd2go.com
WD has huge problems, since one of the main functions of this network drive that determines the name “MyCloud”, ie you can use them as a data-cloud from a distance, does not work. There are in this English but also in the German forum violent discussions.

I´m a user from Germany



Wish I had gone through the forum before installing the update. Eversince the update to new firmware its been a pain in the **bleep** to operate the drive on a local network as well. Had no other option but to do a full factory restore… I hope this works now.