Full Factory Restore Issue!

It was going strong, somewhere until 20%… then it have me the message that “full factory restore” is in process, without the percentage bar… elapsed time was over 25h. Then I tried to open up the dashboard in a different window, obviously it had changed the IP from before, shows me 26% and is being stuck at that. Still asks me for my drive password when I log in to the dashboard.

Should I wait or give up on the restore?! 

All I want is to safely delete all the data and not even return it for full refund… I just want to take it to my job site and run it with the bob cat about thousand times over and over again. This drive is so buggy and has given me so much headache. So dissapointing. 

You don’t have many options if you want to leave the drive inside the casing. The full factory restore writes a bunch of zeros on the disk so that it can take a lot of time. It might be stuck: then shut it down from the admin console and/or unplug the power. When the drives comes up, restart the full factory restore.

I did that, and it would get stuck again on different % of being completed. I did it about 4 times. Do you guys think that the data is fully deleted even though the full factory restore never actually completed 100%?! I also did quick restore few times over.