Full Factory Restore - WD MyCloud 3TB

Anyone know how many hours it will take to complete this Utility? So far it has been running for 24h + 7h 16m 50s…

For my 2TB, I was running firmware 3.x and it took almost 12 hours. After upgrading the firmware I had a lot of issues and performed a new full factory restory, it was taking 16 hours when I decided to switch to quick restore. 

Doing a full factory restore just adds the convenience of overwrite all data for data protection. If you don’t need this protection, switch to a quick restore. A quick restore takes only a few mn, but achieves the same thing in terms of firmware OS reset, file system reset, user and shares reset, etc.

Status - still pending…after more than 48 hours ??? Did a refresh in browser…and it was gone ? No…just restarted by itself and ready to do a fresh installation… I needed to overwrite all data to protect, and make sure?, no other customer can find my pictures/videos because this **bleep** is going back to the shop and full refund…not to mention how insanely many hours wasted… Have a nice day :slight_smile: