FTP-Server - WD My Net N900


Recently I connected a new WD My Net N900, which is now the router of my network.

So far so good, the remote function is working well, the internal FTP-Server as well,

but everytime that I try to get access to it from outside, I always get a 530 error message: wrong password or id.

I have a main server connected to my network, using port 21.

Is this the reason why I am not getting access to the USB attached device from outside, using both domain name or IP address?

Has this something to do with DHCP? Do I need a dyndns configuration?

Thanks in advance! :wink:

Check the routers configuration for the USB drive and make sure FTP is enabled.

For more information check the manual on the link bellow:



As written before, FTP works perfectly internal, but not from outside.

When using the same log in data with domain name or IP address I receive a 530 error message.

Remote access works as well with domain name or IP address, so what am I doing wrong?

Sorry…  it is not possible.  The router purposely blocks external access.  Without custom firmware this is not possible.

on the n900 central unit, it has an internal hdd that can be seen over the net via the wd software and apps.  There is no direct route from wan to any hdd on any wd router.  What a shame and a waste.  Due to this fact I am forced to carry a usb hdd to and from my lan to work despite my router having nas capabilities. 

Thanks… However, I still have a FTP server in the main server and it works perfectly.

I just wanted a dedicated SSD working as a FTP base, with some specific files (databases).

Pehraps WD will find later on a solution for this.

One other negative point is : it gets too hot…

But by the way: if remote access from outside over HTTPS works well, why does FTP not work externally?

I believe they block 100% due to either…

  1. Protecting users from opening the lan to the wan and exposing usb AND the lan.  Once your in, your in.  Meaning if you can see the usb, you can see the lan.  As an advanced user, i would expose and probe to verify via offline test network.  A novice could do damage by getting click happy and enabling the wrong thing…think dmz for entire lan…

  2. Decrease burden on cpu due to over utilization already present during masive usb hdd file transfers.  I would transfer many GB to and from if possible.  If I cannot copy a backup file that is 4-20GB on the lan without lock ups, how could I on the wan.

For me it was very simple, I just retired the n900 to ap duty only, replaced with netgear gigabit switch and a 10 year old netgear wifi g router.  lan speed is way faster and no routing issues… no issues since.  That was a long time ago.


I would say the HTTPS exposure is exactly so dangerous, as I heard recently about the AVM FRITZ!Box. It was simply hacked.

But I still thinking this is only a small configuration issue.

I already have a FTP Server working in my network, the reason why My Net N900 is not working properly as a FTP Server.

This has also to do with DHCP. When I try to open a port using the router IP adress, say, it just says me:

“Sorry, you can’t use the router adress!”

I’m pretty sure its either a simple iptables config or defining where pureftpd should listen too

EDIT: see my post