Remote access to USB attached storage on My Net N750 router

I have a My Net N750 router and 1TB WD Elements external USB HDD attached to the router and working just fine over the local area network. I would like to access it remotely. I’ve set up password protected ftp sharing. I’ve also tried to do something with port forwarding but I’ve no clue what I’m doing. So:

Is it in the first place possible to access the USB drive remotely from the internet?

Any help is tremendously appreciated.

Hello, currently only local network access to your attached USB storage is supported. But maybe some of the other users can share some side steps you can take.

As the bot from wd said, not possible.  Only possible on n900 central, via wd2go software.

I use vpn from outside the lan, to a pc in the lan, then access the usb hdd.  Use this method.  Or simply install teamcenter for remote desktop to access the lan.  Con is you have to leave a machine running.  The ftp server is the same also, only lan, no wan access.  I wasted a week toying with this.  **bleep** wd does not mention this anywhere in their literature.