N900 and 4-bay external USB drive

Hello.  I have a 4-bay external hard drive enclosure, a Vantec NST-640SU3-BK with a USB 3.0 port, that I have connected to the MyNet N900’s USB 2.0 port.  It is filled with 3 identical 2TB drives and a 320GB drive all formated as simple volumes (separate drive letters since I understand Windows 7 does not support spanning of external USB drives), however the N900 only shows me 2 of the four.  I thought I had properly mapped it, and I can see all 4 drives if I plug it directly into my laptop’s USB 2.0 port.  Does anyone have any suggestions about how to make the other 2 drives available?  Or would this issue be due to a technical limitation of the router?  Thank you.


Please see your PM’s

Any news from WD on this?  Pease share some insight from your PM

I used medisonic HFS-SU32S 4 bay 3.0 USB from amazon and it read all four of my drive fine. I had a problem at first; I moved drive around in bay, and then deleted file that created by WD N900 after I move it around on storage, then click rebuild button on webpage. But before that, I installed WD quick view. Hope that help. I have a problem accessing FTP outside my home network. Can anyone help?

There is no WAN access to the N900 Non-Central, External USB connected drive.  It is not possible.  I use VPN to get into home LAN then I can remote browse it.

This is a major pain to use the N900 cloud drive

Thanks for the reply, Nissan. I figure that after a few days of messing with the router and email support. I try the VPN too but it’s a pain for my family (non-tech) to use. I guess I have to buy a My Book Live just for FTP and cloud storage. Has anybody try converting a non-wd drive to My Book Live or load WD image ? I was thinking of getting a My Book live, image backup, then restore onto non-wd drive.