Configure FTP server in N900 Central

Someone might be able to help on configuring the FTP server on mynet N900 with hard disk.

There is an option in Storage->FTP, after select it, and put a tick on it. I assume the FTP is enable.

So, I try to used a FTP client (Filezilla) to connect to whthin the same Local LAN. I try using username:admin, password to connect to the FTP server. But it never get connected. 

I try differenet options username:admin, anonymous , but did not manage to connect to the ftp server. 

Is there anthing on the router need to be added or configured to enable FTP server, or any help is appreciated.

Hello and welcome, did you setup the user name and password from the My Net dashboard? You can see page 28 of the manual for more information.

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The username and password must be setup to access the FTP server on N900.

I am having the exact same issue as the OP. I have tried following the instructions from the manual and have created a username / password. I can connect to the FTP server, but I cannot see my device. Any help would be appreciated.