Format the Passport Wireless Pro

Hey there,

i have a Passport Wireless Pro with 3TB. According to the mini partition tool there are 2 Partitions, but windows shows me only one.
Because there is only stuff what i dont need any more at the HDD, i thought about re-formatting the whole thing.
I´m just unsure where are the important data is. I mean the stuff what amkes the wifi running and so on. I attached 2 screenshots. could any one here telle me wich partitions i can delete and stick together?

thanks in advance for your time and help

Most probably in firmware on a nand flash memory chip … highly unlikely it’s on the hard drive which can be easily wiped and formatted (user manual also says it’s OK to format the drive)

I have a My Passport Wireless … and reformatted into a entire single partition

Wifi and everything else still works fine.