I need help , no operating system folders in my passport wifi pro

Hi there !!

Please i formate all folders and operating system from my passport wifi pro and i did restore with no useful things happened!!

I contact wd and i do alot of things because when I switch it on , i wait 30 se , and All alight are flashing and no wifi ,

Pleae i need someone to copy the operiting system in a link and i will download it in my passport wifi pro!!

Just copy and put in link any one please

How did you delete the Operating System?? It’s stored in flash, not on the drive.

I do formate for my passport wifi pro and now just flashing all lights with blue and no wifi

Refer to the COMPLETE USER MANUAL for your device at https://support.wdc.com/cat_products.aspx?ID=3&lang=en
Find out how to restore/reset drive to factory defaults.

Why did you format the device, anyway?