Folders access denied - No Permission to see the folder contents

After formatting and restoring my Mackbook Pro Retina 10.10.3 (14D131) I am having trouble trying to access numerous folders in My WD Cloud. These folders have changed their Read&Write permission to a ‘ghost’ user daapd. I have tried many things such as restoring the system, turning the folders public and creating a new user. No success so far. The software is updated with the latest firmware WDMyCloud v04.03.00-439 : Core F/W.

What should I do to restore these permissions and get access to the folders?

Hello, Welcome to the WD Community. I would recommend you to contact WD Support.

Having exactly the same issue. Does anyone have an answer here please?

Im sure i can tell you a way to change permissions via ssh on your shares so that at least you can access your data.