Can no longer view shared folders in WDMYCLOUD shared folders?

All of a sudden I am unable to view files on shared folders.

All was fine yesterday and today no matter what I do it will not accept my usename or pword - keeps telling me I may not have permission to access.

I’ve changed the pword in the dashboard - the dashboard sees the folders but in Windows 7 home premium version when I attempt to click on a shared folder I am prompted for my username and pword and it is not accepted.

I’ve tried rebooting the drive and still nothing

The only thing that happened since yesterday is I rebooted my PC

Is there anything I can do to get my data back or is everything now lost!

Please help as this is my primary backup medium.

Thanks in advance

Is it asking for your WD My Cloud user name and password or your network user name and password? See example image below for network info.

Thanks for the response cat0w

Yes, over and over - I even changed the pword and it still won’t accept it

Ok, so 4 hours later it all of a sudden started to be recognized and I can see the folder and files again

Weird for sure - not happy about it either since I have no idea how to fix it if/when it happens again