Cant access Folders on W10

Hey Guys,

i reinstalled W10 on my computer last week. Update tool tells me i’m up to date right now.
All i can see in the network is this:
doubleclick on wdmycloud shows this:

Network is in Privat mode with all find/share devices switched on.
I can access the drive from my macbook, i can ping the device via ip adress, but i cant access it on my w10 pc.
I switched w10 firewall + antivir program off, even unistalled it -> no change at all…

In the W10 Credentials i entered the login information for the drive -> ip, username and pw. Does anyone have a solution for this?

Before reinstall everything worked fine for me, so i’m pretty sure there is no need to reconfig on the mycloud. It must be some w10 bug…