Folder management

This is a rookie question but I couldn’t find the answer anywhere. When I access mycloud from my phone or computer it shows 1 folder. That folder is the default “Public” folder.

Now when I tried to creat a folder for myself it showed up WITHIN the public folder. Obviously I don’t want my personal stuff in the public folder. How do I move my folder out of the public folder?

Thank you guys, you e been great. Also with mycloud not recognizing my ip it was suggested to reset up mycloud. Will that delete all my data? I just want to the mycloud dashboard to find mycloud a ip.

I love this thing but it’s been quite the hassle.

I think it’s time for you to read the user manual to find out how to start using the thing properly; all your Qs are answered there.

+1, start with the manual and play with settings.

If you still confused or have issues, ask again.


Yes, if you start exploring the other options besides defaults, it is not plug-play anymore. But nothing that is not on manual unless you want to do advance non-doc non-supported-by-WD stuff.

I read the manual and didn’t see it. What do you guys do? Just sit on here and troll? I asked a question. If you don’t want to answer it don’t answer it. There is no need for the remarks. Grow up.

You need to log into your My Cloud dashboard and create shares, from the dashboard you can grant access to the shares to which ever users you want to allow access. See My Cloud manual page 44

Open up the Dashboard and use Help (?). It should tell you how to set up everything you want to. The below information is from the Dashboard Help.

Getting Started

There are recommended tasks you should complete to take full advantage of My Cloud’s many features.

Complete basic
owner tasks.
Owner Basics.

Set up remote
access to your cloud.
Remote Access Basics.

Give others
Setting Up Other Users.

You may want to check this link out too. Be sure to use the My Cloud │ How it Works tab.

Here is another good information site., I found it yesterday. Be sure to check out the Support tab.


I’m in the car as a passenger and doing this off my phone. Jesus. You guys need to chill out. Not real easy to read the manual on a phone so I thought I could come to the “community” for help. Instead I get a couple jerks.

Then just freaking say so then and do not take it out on us!!! Just say you will read it when you have time.

If YOU act like a jerk, you will get jerks!!!

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