Private folders

Hi, I’ve been trying to set up My Cloud for sometime, but it’s just so complex. I think i’m almost there, however, my folders seem to be shared folders. I want full on private folders that I could choose to share if needed. I feel i am going round in circles. Has anyone got a real full on idiots guide to help me please?

@angers Have you read all the Help information provided in the Dashboard?


thanks for your reply.

I have read it. I think my concern is everything I am uploading sits in the public folder that is there automatically. How do i make a private folder?

You create a share and you do not give any other users access to what you place in it. This is explained in Help in the Dashboard.

The Public share is just that, Public and can’t be changed. (1st Generation My Cloud)

From looking at mine the 2nd Generation My Cloud Public share can be turned off.