FLV file support - fast forward locks up every time :-(


I’m using firmware 1.05.04_V and have constant problems with fast forwarding FLV files, every single time.  Basically it doesn’t work at all.  The problem occurs when played either from network file shares or from a USB thumbdrive.  Other formats Fast Forward just fine.

When I try to Fast Forward , it seems to work for a few seconds, then the video just locks up and I’m unable to come back from it, regardless if I press Play/Pause.  The only way out is to Stop the video and play from the beginning.

I also found the same problem when using the RESUME option when going back to a FLV flie that hasn’t been played completely on a previous attempt - the WDTV Live simply goes off into space with a black screen.

Hope this can be addressed in a future firmware update, having FLV file support is huge for me and I love being able to play them from the living room :slight_smile:

I can provide samples if anyone is interested to run test, but you can download any FLV from youtube using a plugin called Download Helper




Peter Z


Please don’t ask me to transcode as I have thousands of FLVs!  And anyway, you either support FLV or you don’t.

“And anyway, you either support FLV or you don’t.”

FLV is a container and so therefore it may play some files and not others. It all depends on codecs inside the container.

Thanks richUK, but as I mentioned, the problem isn’t with playing, it has to do with Fast Forwarding only.