1.0.17 MP4 Audio Sync

When I start playback of an mp4 movie, the audio and video are in sync. If I fast forward or rewind the movie, audio and video get out of sync–sometimes by several seconds. When will a fix be available? Is there a work around?

Everyone has the same problem, and hopefully the firmware fix will be available soon.

When I fast forward or resume, the audio is out sync, and occassionally rewinding back for a couple seconds actually fixes the sync issue.  Again, this only works sometimes, but the problem really needs to be addressed by WD. 

I turned a friend of mine onto the WDTV Live, since he just bought an HDTV.  After reading info on this forum, he’s going to go another route.

Here is a temporary fix - Hit the play pause button once to pause and again to resume playback.  If still out of sync, hit stop and play resume again - it should go back in sync again.

tried this and it works slightly but not perfectly or completely.

if you fast forward or backup it goes way out of sync again.

This needs to be addressed by WD as it has been ongoing from the beginning.

I was using version .00 of the firmware and when I turned on my unit I was notified of the new .17 update. Whenever I tried to leave the menu it would go right back to flashing new firmware. Essentially forcing me to update.

I saw the audio sync problem was NOT fixed and wanted to stay on the stock version. Now, I can’t watch any movies (all mp4/aac) until this is fixed. Please fix this!

I have the problem that all my mp4 files are stuttering. With the old WD HD TV everything works perfect.:cry:

Maybe d-link’s boxee box will work better. Of course, wd already has my money and I’d like to get my wd hd tv live working the way it is supposed to work.

I have contacted support many times over this problem and get a differnt answer each time .I have heard this problem did not exist,they were aware of it and it would be fixxed in next update it wasn’t Iwas told it was my file so I sent them a text of my file container they said my file was conpatable with wd live they must not read what  is posted on here

Same for me, my mp4’s out of sync and some of them not playing at all :unsupported files message on the wdtv live unit !!

But i have the wdtv hd and everyting play perfect on this one !  SO DO SOMETHING WD PEOPLE, GETTING TIRED OF THE UNIT !!! :mansad:

That’s remind me of microsoft, they put semothing on the market and it’s not even ready, after loads of uptades !! to fix they product…

I have the same problems. I can not believe it. Trace Mp4 film with me not working right.Format is not supported or stutters, the film and / or sound is not synchronized. My WD Live "is not used for weeks since.
Mp4, but all work on my old WD HD TV without any problems. This device is used. I should not have to buy the Live. I assumed that this device is an evolution and has been expanded to include other functions. I mistakenly thought that this new device automatically controls all functions of its predecessor. Then I was hoping for a firmware update, because I thought it was about a “little thing”. … soon be around to me about 2 months … PLEASE improve but the basic playback functions of mp4 files (as in the WD TV HD). Perhaps simply by copying and pasting!

junkman wrote:

they must not read what  is posted on here

This is a Community Support forum, which means WD support don’t read the forums at all and the only support you get here is from other WD users.

AFAIK, not even the moderators have any interaction with WD support, so a rant, question or request for clarification on any of these forums is truly a waste of time as no official response will be given.

We’re all in the same boat waiting for the next update and hoping it’s a bug-fix release, at least fixing the broken MP4 container support (isn’t a codec issue as the AV streams work fine within an MKV container).  On the plus side, I’m now really good at extracting streams, finding / editing subs and making fully functional MKV files.  Owning a WD TV Live is truly an educational experience.  :D

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i have same issue, and hope WD respect us and fix it ASAP

I don’t usually post on these boards; however I was good to see that I was not the only one that was having this issue. I actually got through to second level support on two separate cases for this issue. The resolution for both of them was that Engineering was aware of the issue and it would likely be fixed in a firmware upgrade. I asked for a timeline and they would not give one to me. It is good to know that at least they have accepted it as a bug.  They told me if I could not wait that I should return my box to the retailer for a refund.  I did include a link to this and another thread complaining about this issue in the case so that they could see that it was happening to lots of people that were not happy about it.

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Thanks for the heads-up.  :)

Did some playing around today and discovered that their MP4 container support also has broken digital passthru (AAC and AC3 5.1 gets downmixed to stereo, always).

As with the sync issue, re-muxing the streams to MKV fixes it.  Wonder if they’re aware of it…

Checkout the link in the firmware section about the 1.017 firmware. The mod has confirmed that WD are aware of ‘major issues’ and working on a solution. The timeline for this new firmware in a few weeks.

The timeline for this new firmware in a few weeks.

The WD People working to slow. I think we are all Beta testers. When were is no update till the end of february i sell my WD live at the bay.

Yes, same problem. I get audio skips that last about half a second periodically when I play mp4 files on my wd live tv. This just seems like a file compatability issue. Should be something they can fix via firmware update!

Have you tried the newest firmware?  Some people are reporting it fixes their issues with MP4 files (I can’t say since I’m not going to update right now nor do I use these file types).

The newest firmware 1.02.21 did not fix the issue. Still having sync issues with mp4/aac files.  Had to downgrade all the way to 1.01.00 to fix it.  I’ve only had this unit for a few days, and already starting to regret buying it.