WD TV Gen2 1.01.77 MP4 Audio Sync

I am very happy with my new WDTV Gen2 with one glaring exception. As has been reported by many users, after fast forwarding or rewinding the audio becomes about 10 seconds out of sync, rendering the movie unwatchable. Stoping and resuming does nothing to fix this problem. This problem only seemed to occur once I upgraded to firmware v1.01.77 

From what I understand only v 1.01.70 (original firmware) did not have this issue. Of course the original firmware is nowhere to be found on the Western Digital site. It would be nice if it were available for those of us with this issue to use until WD gets on the ball and hammers out the bugs.

New firmware is desperately needed to resolve this issue. I notice the very similar live has had several updates since our last.  Please support the WDTV Gen2 as well.  Thanks!

I would post this as an idea or feature request on the WD TV Idea Exchange.  WD Staff are following those ideas.

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You would report tginn’s post as an idea or feature request? I’m sorry but do you even read anyone’s posts? 

I can’t even tell if you are human or just an automated random replay.

Requests for features that would be included in firmware updates should be posted to the Ideas Exchange for the best visibility to the WD Product Team. That’s what he’s saying. And no, as cool as it would be, he is not a robot. :wink:


I don’t quite see it as a feature request either… but I posted it anyways. I certainly hope new firmware is on the way. Too bad WD doesn’t seem to want to reassure their customers.



This is a bug with the new gen device, does it even with update to latest firmware, but does NOT do it on older gen 1 device with same file.





We are WELL aware of that.


I don’t want you to take this the wrong way but it really has been over 6 months since we’ve seen anything thrown our way. We know that you are well aware of the issue but after 6 months that’s just isn’t enough anymore. We really do need a fix. Even if we knew you (WD) were working on it, that would be one thing but as far as we know, you’re spending all of your development time on a replacement for the Live Plus right now.

I realize that your ROI is pretty low for this but this isn’t leaving a very good impression on your customers at all. We’re not asking for new functionality that we didn’t originally pay for. We’re only asking WD to fix something that we did pay for. Maybe it’s different for others, but the only thing I want is a solid bug-less box. More features would be nice, but bug fixes would be nicer.

If we could get more than a one line response to something, that’d be great. Otherwise, you may as well not respond to anything… I can understand that maybe your in a tight spot and WD isn’t letting you communicate as much as we would like but if that’s the case, then you need to go back to whoever isn’t letting you communicate and tell them that you’re wasting your time here. Again, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, it’s just that the current situation isn’t cutting it.


@ nijaju,

First of all, I didn’t know if that user was aware that we knew.  So, I was talking to him, not you. 

Secondly, I had the original poster put this as an idea so that it would get visibility.  As you see below, it did.  As a matter of fact, our ideas moderator asked for files to be sent to him, so we could replicate this in our testing facilities.  So far, about 90 percent of the files were downloads from the internet.  We couldn’t use them, because we had no idea how they were encoded.   

Now, for you to tell me that just because I’m not saying what you want to hear, that I should just shut up…   I’ve counted about 20 times that you’ve posted in the wrong boards, complaining about the WD TV HD.  And, yet, I haven’t done a thing about it.  

Please realize that one of the requirements for continued freedom to post on this forum is to show respect for others.  That means allowing them their say, whether you agree or not.  If you’ve forgotten that then maybe you should review our User’s Guidelines once more.  Because you seem to be forgetting it elsewhere, as well. 

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by Staff jchen on 05-03-2010 12:34 AM


Status changed to: Acknowledged

We had noticed some audio sync issue before and have already fixed them. Can you please share the content with us so we can test with? I will keep this idea at “Acknowledge” status for now.


It’s clear to me that I’ve pushed too far on getting a fix for this and that was never my intention so I’m sincerely sorry. My words were never meant to offend. I don’t want you to shut up. Just the opposite in fact. I still believe that what you tell us (and I think many others agree based on their comments) in these forums is only marginally better than if you were to say nothing at all.

With what jchen has said, it’s clear that my mp4s will never work as advertised (even though that’s what I paid for) so I’m done holding my breath. You don’t have to restrict my freedom to post because I’m done here.


Consider yourself lucky, at least they are still supporting your device.  They have abandoned the Gen1 which is still suffering from the same audio sync issues. The Live, whose end of life is quickly approaching, has the same issues as well.

Both devices have been rendered useless.

Guys don’t throw away your WDTVs just yet. Download MKVToolnix (google it) and use the MKVmergeGUI shortcut inside. Click add file and add an MP4 file then after its loaded click Remux at the bottom. 30secs later you will have your Video file in MKV format and there will no longer be sync issues. I do this with all my vid files now and they play back, fast forward, rewind and pause flawlessly.

did not work for me. WD needs to just release a firmware update. Please.

MKVmerge worked perfectly and quickly for me.  Converted a 2 hour 720p mp4 in under 3 minutes; now plays in sync on WDTV.  Tried 2 other coversion programs, each took hours, with poor results.  But I will try and avoid mp4 files from now on.

Also worked great for me.It seems to have only changed the container so why can’t WD fix this issue if the hardware does not appear to be the issue?

Yikes… I wish I had done my homework before buying this product.

This product isn’t usable to me, as is. Should I keep it, with the expectation of a fix, or not?

I won’t keep it on the hope of any fix coming,  last firmware update was Dec 2009. WD support is horrible .seems like support for the Gen2 might be over.If I could return mine I sure would!!

I do have sync problem too, but only with AVI and MP4 in HD resolutions

DVD and BLU-RAY ISO images and MKV plays pretty well, avi and mp4 low resolution too.

Any ISO image you doo yourself will work flawlessly, HD BLU-Ray too.

Do you have sync problems only with AVI and MP4 HD files too?

Good news, after a lot of research and trial over this community and others i did tried MKVtoolnix and Cocoon Software QMC (Quick Media Converter) .

Like i said i have sync problems with HD AVI and HD MP4 files with my WD TV HD Gen2 player, any other format works pretty well.

I tried MKVtoolnix with MKVmerge and it didn’t work well with my WD TV HD player. It freeze.

But with QMC (Quick Media Converter) from Cocoon Software it’s working well and it is fast converting the mp4 to mkv files. The software is free, they working with donation.

Here how i did it :

First you can download the software from http://www.cocoonsoftware.com .

After the installation you run QMC.

IT can convert any video files to anything but the easiest way for HD MP4 is :


Choose MATROSKA format and MKV container

Add your mp4 file to convert

Select your target directory

AND START THE CONVERSION…after a minutes or two, your done with  your problem!

QMC is changing a little the audio and video format and it seems to be a lot easier for the WD player.

Hope this will help anybody that got problems with some video format and their WD TV HD player!

Good Day! :smileyvery-happy:

That converter did the trick for some files, but rendered other files completely out of audio synch.

No matter… I decided that it was worth it to me to re-encode my movies to MKV files. This time, with some better options & settings for higher quality. Sure, it’s a bit of a pain, but the end result is so nice! I especially like having chapter markers work. I still wish the MP4/M4V issue would be fixed, but I won’t let it keep me from enjoying this device. I’ve gotten way too hooked on the other features, especially Netflix, YouTube & Pandora integration. And now I have a motivation to make better MKVs!