MP4 audio out of sync

The new firmware still hasn’t corrected this issue with MP4 audio and video sync issues.   Mine are all out by about 4 or 5 seconds which makes watching almost impossible.

This needs to be put on a higher priority. This is a serious issue. Hopefully since they have the updater updated, they can fix this issue ASAP. This is very annoying and I’ve actually considered downgrading to an older version of the firmware. WD i’m being patient, but this is regression. Regression shouldn’t take this long to fix!

I agree, this is completely unacceptable. My MP4’s have been out of sync since the original firmware. If you repackage your MP4’s to MKV they seem to stay in sync. But all these files play fine on every other system I have. Please WD wake up and fix something!

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Thanks ditch1,

I ripped 40 movies in that format. I bet I probably can use mkvmerge gui and get them all converted to mkv one by one before they provide an update.

Or buy a different Media Player that works!!!

Playon!HD, Asus O!Play, Xtreamer, all play these files flawlessly. I don’t think I’m going to wait for WD. They can’t even give us any info on what they are actually working on. Try a few of their competitors forums and you actually see feedback and info with firmware road maps etc.

Maybe life is better on the other side of the fence.

Well, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

While holding no torch for WD ( I have placed my issues with them as the first comment in the blog post presenting this firmware – on ), I have to say that Realtek based players are not without their share of faults. For example, 16-reframe H264 files don’t playback properly on the Realtek based players. Lot of artifacting / blocking etc. The only way to play them is to re-encode.

On the other hand, I also have some MP4s having the audio sync issue, but just a plain remux into MKV was able to resolve the issue.

Obviously, remux takes much lesser than re-encode, and I have lots of 16-reframe MKVs, as well as audio off sync MP4s. In this case, the WDTV Live is obviously better!

I’m being patient too, but the audio sync makes the unit worthless. I’m on version 1.01.00 which has a slight framerate issue with mp4 files, but the audio is fine. I plan to stay on the older version. At least I can use my device.

Its just not serving its function if the audio is 5 seconds lagged behind. I will wait, but someone should say that this will be fixed - soon. Otherwise its a wasted x-mas gift.

Is anyone having luck selling the WD TV Live? I really like (and had high hopes) for this unit after reading all the reviews.

I completed remuxing the 40. ■■■■■ that I had to do that.

I went for the WD over Asus O!Play and Xtreamer because their forums are even fuller of complainants than this one is. Reviews of these players indicated numebrous issues. This whole market of cheaper media streamers is still young and under developed. Too many companies are jumping on the bandwagon - shame that the wheels don’t work.

Is WD working on this problem?  This bug was introduced in November.

I would like to know:

  > Does WD acknowledge this is a issue?

  > They are actively working on a fix?

And a estimated release date would be appreciated.

Brianjwd: How did you re-mux the MP4 to MKV? 

I need to do that as well the easiest and quickest way.

Easiest way is to use mkvmerge.  Its drag and drop.  Also useful for re-packaging subtitles and audio files.

Google it.

mkvmerge GUI like he said…

here is the link

It takes about 2.5 minutes to remux it into a mkv, and it works flawlessly when you go to play it, I called tech support today and informed them of the problem, They were not very helpful and explained that it might be fixed in the next firmware update. and that my file was the problem, but the original mp4 plays flawlessly on the ps3, theese clows really need to fix this, but until then you’ll just have to remux to mkv

hi guys got same problems bought wd hdlive last weekend worked fine all week until i plugged it into the net tonight it did a firmware upgrade to 1.01.17 and now none of my mp4 play audio is wayyyy out of sync tech support says it aint firmware related yeah right !!!

should have bought the ASUS O!Play HDP-R1 :angry::angry::angry: