Bug related to fast forward and rewind of flv files


When I play an flv file with wd tv live plus I have problems when trying to fast forward, rewind, and pause the file.

Pressing any of them will not result in an immediate response.  Sometimes it takes about 20-30 seconds before it responds to the button you pressed.

When it does respond, fast forward and rewind both exhibit the following characteristics:

  1. the position in the file, as indicated by the time counter advances appropriately

  2. the picture shown on the screen quickly advances (fast forward) or rewinds through the video at a rate that is irrelevant to the actual position in the recording.  In fast forwarding just 20 seconds you will see the vision for parts of the recording in much faster increments.  In a 30 minute recording, if you fast forward for around 1 minute according to the timer, you may see the vision for the entire recording!  If you press play it will continue playing from where the timer says it is NOT where the vision appeared to be

  3. when fast forwarding or rewinding, if the vision reaches the end of the recording (start or finish) fast forwarding/rewinding will stop and the next available programme will be played - ie. the wd tv concludes that the programme has ended even though the timer may have only moved a short distance

  4. when you stop fast forwarding or rewinding the audio is left out of sync with the video.  Judicious fast forwarding, rewinding, and pausing at this point can help get it back in sync.  For instance if the vision is behind the audio you can press pause - this will stop the audio and the vision will then catch up a little, then you can press play again.  Sometimes, if you press pause it will play the vision until it catches up with the audio, then the vision will also stop and then you can press play again and it will be in sync again.  If the vision is ahead of the audio, you can rewind a short way, this will then cause the audio to be ahead of the vision and you can use pause to get it in sync again.

Do others have this issue also?

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I started a thread about flash files a few days ago. The information posted in that thread says that flv is NOT a supported format (see the link that TonyPh12345 posted in that thread). Most of us cannot get flv files to play at all.

Flash Files

I saw that, I’m not sure why you are unable to play them.  Most of my files are in flv format and I’ve been able to play them since I first bought the device in December 2010.