First time I encounter this problem: "New firmware download failed due to network connection error."

Hi everyone!

Trying to upgrade to firmware .17 (I know .18 is out now, was on vacation) and after the download status bar reaches 100%, I get that error message. I am connected via wire and have been attempting to upgrade at different times of the day, today. Any idea what’s up?

It’s not the connection, because the WD HDTV is able to play videos off of YouTube and whatnot.

I presume you have a Live PLUS?   If so, 1.04.17 was pulled. 

If you have a Live (NON PLUS) then there’s no 1.04.18.

Thanks for the reply!

No, I have the regular Western Digital HDTV Live Mediaplayer.

The current firmware on there is .10. It keeps telling me I have new firmware available (.17).

Try downloading it manually:

Bless your soul. :slight_smile:

I see that I can install updates from a USB drive but why will it not install the update directly. I get the exact same error

“New firmware download failed due to network connection”. It’s not a connection problem because it appears after the download completes. I can’t find a network problem, unless it is because I don’t use a Homegroup or Media Streaming. It’s a concern because the last update also had a problem and I had to reinstall Windows 7 to get  the WDTV Plus to network share again. Any ideas about this?