Firmware changes name in Video listing

I am currently at firmware version 2.07.17 (i think). This is because the next 2 firmware updates changes the name of each movie under the Video menu.

I have named each file in the same format: moviename year quality (eg: The Fast And The Furious 2001 DVDRip.mkv). I also have the cover (jpg) and movie info (xml) called the same name.

So when I go into the Video menu I can see all of my movies with the name year quality and can also get movie details.

But if I upgrade to either of the next two versions the names get changed to just the movie name. Not the actually file names, just the listing under Videos. So now I don’t know what year they came out or the quality is. If I have two movies of the same name, but where produced in diefferent years I need to go in the movie details and check. I have checked the release notes for each firmware update and this change is not listed, so I am guessing that they changed this but did not list it.

Is this the norm for now or is there a setting that can change to get this back to previous firmware versions?

I like the way I had it but do not want to use the File menu option but use the Video menu option.

Please help?


All You have to do is open up the xml for that movie and change the title name to your liking then you have to clear the media library and recompile.

Wow. Thanks for the reply.

I will try that tonight and see how I go.

Will be a pain as I have 600 movies.

Wonder what will happen for the next firmware update, will I have to do this again!

If all the information about the movies is in your filename, then why use XML at all?

Just delete all your XML files and then rebuild.

You should not becuase now you will have the xml corrected and the title will be the same so if they go back to showing title it will be the same.

I have now upgraded the the latest version of the firmware 3.01.19 and changed all of the title labels within the XML files. I need cleaned the cache and now all videos display the value I want which is the name year quality.

thanks guys.