Change Movie name back after Get Content Info

Hi all
I have got a 5TB hard drive connected straight to my WDTV Media Player VIA usb, I decided to do the “Get Info” to see all the info for each movie etc, when this was done I noticed some of my movies had been renamed for example

WAS - Batman: The Dark Knight
NOW - The Dark Knight

WAS - Planet Of The Apes 1: Rise of the Planet of the Apes
NOW - Rise of the Planet of the Apes

WAS - Planet Of The Apes 2: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
NOW - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

I am one of these people who like the films to be kept in name order rather than trying to find it, is there any way to change the names back but keep the film info?

I have logged onto my WDTV from my computer and just changed the XML file to the title I want, it seems to have changed it in the film description but not on the film list if that makes sense (pics below), before anyone asks I am doing the get content manually to make sure the correct film is choosen hence why the films don’t show a thumbnail lol


any suggestions

many thanks

2 things to try …

after editing the < title > tag … clear and rebuild the Media Library (consult the user manual)

if that does not work …

delete the xml < title >< /title > tag
(and it will revert back to the original filename with the extension)

all of the above require a power off and reboot

Tried deleting the Title but only removes it from the description completely, also some of the other titles have the : put in by WDTV content info and is fine so it’s not that

sorry i don’t know then (gave up using WDTV’s a while ago … so, guess i should’nt have answered)

Anyone else got any suggestions?

Just a curiosity question …

What is the actual file physically named ? It certainly can’t be…

Batman: The Dark Knight.mp4 (or mkv etc)

because the colon ( : ) is an illegal character

Sorted :), just needed to clear the content off the WD :slightly_smiling: