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I have a lot of films in a particular order but when I choose “get info” it adds all the film descriptions etc which I want but I don’t want it to change the film titles is there a way to stop this?

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If you go to system settings, you will be able to see an option to get info, there you can select to do it manually only or automatically.

Thanks for the reply, even if I do it in manual you can’t choose what info you want can you?h

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Everyone appears to be mystified, stu. Why not try posting your question anew, with at least a paragraph of explanation? For example, where are the movies WD TV’s picking up (what are you sharing from), what’s the particular order you refer to, how is WD TV changing it, what are these “film descriptions” you’re referring to and where is WD TV picking those up? If you tell the Community how WD TV is "changing the film titles, I think the people on here, who rise to a challenge, will help - but it’s more likely to happen if you give them a clearer picture of your problems.

If I am understanding you correctly Stu, u have films in a particular order, so they appear together in your list, in say, the order of release, or sequence u desire, and by getting the content info, this order is messed up?

The only way I have managed to get around this problem, is then to edit the associated xml file, where the ‘Title’ is, to what i want it to be.

A little bit of work, but u can then have them in your prefered order!

Morning Ayhan
Yes that is correct, thinking for the best way to describe it, so your saying the best way is to get the info, then edit in on a computer afterwards?

Many thanks

Hi Stu. Morning to u!

I have well over 1100 moves on one disk, attached to the WD, and for about 150 I have edited the .xml file associated with the films I want to keep in my specific order.


  1. I use the ‘Get Content Info’ option and let it do what it has to do.
  2. I move all the files associated with said Movies (and the Movie) to a hidden folder (.hidden) on the same drive (Attached to the WD Player).
  3. Edit the .xml title field in the .xml file.
  4. Move all the files back to the original directory.

I do all this from the PC over the network! The idea of moving the files to the hidden folder (.hidden) is that it forces the WD to think the files no longer exist, so when u move them back it will rebuild the media library as if the Movies were new and will therefore put them in the order i want, as per the title I have edited.

Please ask if u need more info!