Moving folder wipes out downloaded movie names

I had a folder with many movies in it (~100).  They are a mix of ISO and MKV files.  I had used “Get Content Info” to download cover art, plot information and the all-important movie name.  As a result each of these movie.iso (or movie.mkv) files had corresponding movie.xml and movie.jpg files.

With the addition of Parental Controls (which doesn’t work quite how I would have wanted, but is a much appreciated addition none-the-less), I wanted to move our movies to a new protected folder.

So I created a new “Grown Ups” folder via my PC (which as far as I know cannot be done any other way).

Then used the Options button on my “Movies” folder to select Move… and selected the new “Grown Ups” folder.

The light blinked, I got a media library update message and after a few seconds all was seemingly normal.

When I navigate into the folder with the movies, all the files seem to be there.  Thumbnails are still there. The movie plot info, genres, actors, directors, etc. (XML data) is still there/  However, the human-friendly movie name is gone from the primary list view.  To be more specific, I see something like “BRIDGE_FAR.ISO” instead of  “A Bridge Too Far”.

I tried going to setup and Clearing the Media Library, but when it was done rescanning everything, no joy.  I’m now going through the process of using “Get Content Info” to regenerate the names.

I think this is related to the problem being discussed in this thread about editing Movie names: the XML file “title” field is not used for the list view display, but seems to be stored somewhere else.

You’re right…  That is exactly the issue…

TonyPh12345 wrote:

You’re right…  That is exactly the issue…

That, and the fact that wherever this mysterious hidden data is… it is NOT updated when files move.  I’d guess it’s a path issue. It seems like it would be relatively easy to parse the title field out of the XML then cache that with the rest of the “Info” (e.g. the Media Library).

I’ll give WD the benefit of the doubt that there is some particular reason why this isn’t the case, but I’m curious to hear why.