Another difference in new firmware

Just noticed another but of a difference some how they have changed the way a movie title organizes instead of movie title it now must go of of XML data Insted of having a whole bunch of The’s in the T’s I name my movies as such Butterfly Effect The. With the movie scraper WD has it will put this movie in the T’s but with Thumbgen it will keep it in the B’s well after the new firmware it has them all in the T’s when Media library is on in folder mode they are how I have them.

Seems like constant working and changing everytime a firmware comes out I like this one so far good but now I am stuck with folder view and if I want to search a movie I have to go to media library and do that. My poor wife is never gonna get this down

That is how it SHOULD work.

It is sorting based on the XML Title tag instead of the filename.   It would LOOK like it sorted by XML Title if you did GET CONTENT INFO on it  (but it was actually storing the TITLE in the database from that action, not by reading the XML.)

Both the Live Hub and Live SMP now actually read and import the XML, regardless of how that XML was created.

Of course, if you have Content Info collection set to MANUAL, it won’t scrape the XML, and it won’t do that… it will continue to sort by File Name.

I’m not sure this is how it has worked in the past.
I have the Harry potter series listed by file name like
Harry Potter year1 the Sorcerer’s Stone
And in the XML like
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
This worked perfectly to list the files in order with older firmware
The new firmware list by XML

I have always used the media library on the WD Live Hub

I must say though outside of that issue this update is a huge
improvement over the previous version

Rustys:  Yeah, I made a boo-boo in my description.  I’ve edited it now. 

Tony I never did scrape the xml via the hub and it was always set on manual since the update. I have always used thumbgen to create them. True when I played  around with the hubs scraping you are correct it would do what it is now but always with thumbgen it would go by filename until this update in firmware. I just reconfirmed it by deleting an XML booted the hub up and no info was there and I thunbgen scraped it and it still when media Library is on puts the movie in the T’s. It has never done this in the past firmwares when media library was on.

Hmm. I’m not seeing that behavior at all.

I have the movie “The American President,”  In the XML, I changed the TITLE tag to “American President, The”

I rebuilt the library, and with Content Info Collection on AUTO, the movie is now in the A’s, not the T’s.

All of my “The” movies are now set up that way.

prior to 3.00.28, the XML was not imported into the media library.   It was used for DISPLAY ONLY.   Sorting and Filtering the data in the XML was not possible.    The only way that info was added to the media library was if you did “Get Content Info.”    

If you later CLEARED the media library, that info was forever lost.   The XML was still there, sure, but that XML was only used for DISPLAY, not for sorting, searching or filtering.

You are correct on the sorting Previous to this firmware you could not do an actor search with 3rd party generated xmls all you could do is a title search. Now you can even do actor or genre search with 3rd party generated xmls.

So let me get this straight you have 3rd party generated xmls and you changed the title to put the (the) at the end and it worked for you. If all this is correct maybe shoot me the way your settings are maybe I have something setup wrong.

Ok I read your post again and it is a bit clearer you went into the xml itself and edited the title tag is this correct?

If so there are several lines that have the title I think main title is one there is one more cannot think of it and then there is a previuos title one which one would I change if I am correct

Yep…   That’s correct.   Modify the tag, set Content Collection to AUTO, set Media Library ON, then clear the media library.

If you do NOT rebuild the media library, then it will DISPLAY the updated title in the GALLERY VIEW, but all other views will continue to show the FORMER title, as will search results.   As far as I know, it must be a COMPLETE REBUILD, not a RESCAN or power off / power on rescan.

If you do not set CONTENT COLLECTION to AUTO, it will not re-import the XML, and it will show the UPDATED TITLE in the GALLERY VIEW only, and all other views will show the FILE NAME, as will search results.