Firmware 2.02.32 Bugs (Lots of Problems need fixing ASAP)

After installing the new firmware 2.02.32 there are many problems

that have never been fixed and new ones too

  1. “MUST FIX” still no youtube remote control over lan from the PC web browser remote from http://192.168…/wdtvlive/remote (page not available, even if you load the web RC first it wont work)

  2. Still no audio on youtube and other apps if you run youtube first thing before playing a HDD video (you have to play a video file or press the audio button on the RC or YT has no sound)

  3. “MUST FIX” The youtube app looks like it still has the bad memory leak causing the box to slow then lock up if you run YT for a while, then say Netflix (have to do a menu restart to flush the ram before running other apps)

  4. “MUST FIX” This is NEW. after a menu restart or power on, if youtube is run as the first app, it will crash when loading and the box will restart always wiping all YT log in info and pair data. (this crash happens if you have logged in to YT, if you do the same but are not logged in then it loads okay most of the time i think)

I can confirm no audo on youtube and netflix (and others) if a local file is not played first on box after starting


  1. Please allow the remote movement keys to move the mouse pointer on the hidden web browser, it’s silly to allow the RC buttons to input txt but have no mouse control

  2. Let the box connect to Twitch by giving us a Twitch app (flash my be needed though)

  3. We need a search for the local HDD files

  4. Recive live tv streams from pc tv cards from ProgDVB server over lan (dont know the standered used by the software sorry, but WMP can pick them up using HTTP, or window media streaming)

 Can some one please pass this on to the devs asap as the box is now unstable and may start to cause HDD errors (happens when the box disappears while accessing the HDD)

any more bugs that i’ve missed?



We have passed this along to support.

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Thank you Hamlet :smiley:


I detect more problems…

  • YOUTUBE not work at all, when it loads the app(youtube) reboots the box.

  • When i go to register the product in menu and i submit the data it reboots the box.

  • I detect a new stuttering very random in mkv files when frame option is ON.

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When youtube crashs and reboots, are you loged in to your youtube account?

I have the same problem - must open Netflix first in order for youtube to work fine.

Otherwise youtube simply reboots the box.



This happens when I am logged on to youtube.

I reset factory settings and got the same results.



If you log out of youtube, turn off the box, then start and run youtube first does it still crash and restart the box?

also if you play netflix or youtube do you get sound or do you have to play a video file in order for the sound to work?

thanks for the info

New Bug i think

When streaming from pc over lan using PlayON media server

the WDTV just keeps looking for the folders files then says lost connection even though there is still a connection

This worked well before the new firmware

Anyone confirm this pls

Has anyone sucessfully run the Hotlist app?  When I’ve tried running, it opens and then the circle of dots rotates endlessly and nothing comes up.

Just tried now and yes its the same, i had to use the home button as back does nothing

Wired LAN

Did they at least fix the spotty network share issues and video playback performace issues the last version of firmware had?  Thats the only reason i havent stayed on the 2.x versions of firmware yet. 

  1. When the box is restarted from the menu, ALL youtube login info is lost
    every time

  2. when fast-forwarding a video in youtube then playing the video, the large
    fast-forward centre screen icon stays and never goes

suggestion allow video bookmark info to be saved to usb so after a menu
restart, it can still resume video play positions

Totally agree with all of these bugs. The mods should look into these and ones that I posted here:

Love the WD box, but HATE the bugginess of this new firmware update.

I’ve tried YouTube, and it restarted the device every time I tried to start it. I did a factory reset (I think it logged me out of YouTube) but the problem didn’t go away.

With this update I have lost audio over HDMI. Receiver has no audio stream, except for PCM. Optical works.

Receiver is Sony DN1040.

Edit: HDMI CEC was causing the problem. I enabled it at the same time I updated the firmware.


Have you tried playing a USB video file first? (that fixes the no audio on apps for me)

Just to use the box now i have to

play a local file

play netflix

then use the box :cry:

I just installed this new firmware today and already I can’t do anything as this update has pretty much ruined my WD TV live hub. Factory reset does nothing, connecting a flash stick does with the firmware does nothing, The file option is gone so I have NO CLUE how to update manually nor do I know hoe to revert to the old firmware setting, factory reset simply puts me in circles, so on and so on.

Could someone tell me at least how to get network connectivity!? That would be great start to solving one utterly aggravating issue

Wow. What a horrible update. Was there any testing of this before it was released to the end user?

Anyway. Can someone please post how to simply DOWNGRADE to the previous verison?

Thanks in advance!

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To Downgrade 2.02.32 firmware to 2.01.86:

  1. Insert a blank USB Flash Drive into your PC.

  2. Download the previous 2.01.86 firmware here:

  3. Unzip the files to the root of the USB key.

  4. Power on your WDTV Live.

  5. When booting complete and at main screen, insert USB Key.

  6. Choose NEW FIRMWARE

  7. Update and complete.

You will be “rolled” back to the 2.01.86 firmware.

Enjoy until WD fixes the long laundry list of issues with its latest release.