Issues with 1.01.24 firmware

First of all, thanks for fixing YouTube, it works fine now.

But now the unit reboots when I try to view Flickr (not even logging in).

Also I am still having issues with the WDTV Live getting slow over time and taking forever to find my external drives after turning it on. The first several times the power goes on, it finds the drives right away, but by the end of the week it can take up to 10 mintues to mount them. Menu transitions and page changes also begin to get slower and slower (the ‘busy’ animation pops up). The only fix is to reset to factory settings, and that’s a pain since I have to re-enter all my network & account info again. I have done this at least 7 times in the two months that I’ve had it. My WDTV HD has no issues like this.

Also the unit gradually seems to forget to unmount the drives properly before powering down, and my drives make a very angry spin down sound when that happens. I have decided to just leave it on all the time as I’m worried my WD Passport is going to wear out from the abuse. 

Except for the Flickr reboot, all these issues have been present with all the firmwares since I bought it.