WDTV Live Flaky

I have watched a few things on WDTV Live but it’s always a **bleep** shoot as to whether the thing will work or not. I keep updating to the latest firmware but nothing seems to change. Most days the thing will not respond to the remote. I also notice that it doesn’t seem to work with any of my HDDs but thumb drives are generally ok (subject to the usual flakiness). Inertia has prevented me from returning the thing but this seems to be a common problem.

There are no heat issues and the unreliability extends to all activities. I have tried completely resettig the device but it makes no difference. The device seems to get so far and then freezes - never during a playback, usually when booting up or moving through menus with the remote.

What type of file formats are you trying to play?

It doesn’t seem to matter which file types are used; getting the thing to even see what files are there is a risky proposal. I’m beginning to think the remote may be one of the issues. I have also noticed a green colour cast over everything on occasion. This requires a re-start to fix.