WDTV Live Streaming Reboots when YouTube app is started

WDTV Live Streaming Reboots when YouTube app is started.(it used to work fine)  From what I have read, this has been an issue for years.(??)  Now my unit has just started doing this.  Would anyone know how I can fix it?

I have only had this type of unit (WDTV) for about 6mo and now I wonder if I should start shopping for something more stable.   I use YouTube often and need it work work reliably.

Thanks for any help that you can offer.  

Btw, I do have the latest standard firmware. (I have it on auto update)

Hi and welcome to the WD community.

Try rolling back the firmware on the unit then reinstalling the latest firmware update on the unit manually.

Here is a link that might help you out:


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Will try it. thanks.

Out of curiousity, I have read there is some issues with the firmware (memory leak or something) …is that referring to an older version of the firmware? It was working fine (but always painfully slow) and all of a sudden the rebooting issues started. Very strange.

BTW the ‘Capcha’ stuff on this forum is somewhat annoying. (just a side-thought)

Ok…I am trying to do this but when I plug in the thumbdrive with the 3 or 4 files in the root directory (basically not in any folder) - the firmware files are the only files on the drive)

  • It connects to the USB storage but does not give me this message: (as the guide tells me it should)

‘You will receive a popup asking you to confirm that you would like to sync your USB drive with your passport. Highlight Cancel and press OK on your remote.’

There isn’t any manual actions that I can do to just swap out the firmware?


Hi, have you tried a different thumbdrive? You can also check on the settings there is a section to check for firmware.